Agerola, Amalfi Coast

Punta Corona Tourism Park in Agerola, Amalfi Coast – Italy

The plateau of Agerola (1,400 m) is by the AmalfiCoast, between Positano and Amalfi. Its geographical position and environment and landscape features make Agerola a perfect hub between the Amalfi and SorrentineCoast’s cultural and seaside tourism and the LattariMountains. The Punta Corona area, the focus of the design, lends itself to becoming an extensive network of relationships.

The design idea takes targeted, sustainable steps to create a new TourismPark, aiming to take advantage of an economic growth opportunity for the entire area. These goals are achieved by improving accessibility, redeveloping and relocating existing functions, and siting new functions in the three areas of “Punta Corona / Belvedere”, “Selva Corona”, and lot 3.

The Belvedere area is the park’s “emblematic place” and will be a site for resting, admiring the landscape, socializing, or quiet reflection.

The plan for Selva Corona entails improving the chestnut grove agriculturally and culturally in its being turned into a “chestnut tree forest”, already underway, and in the continuation of some areas maintained by coppicing.  A simple, inexpensive structure of a branched network of paths with equipped points serves dual educational and recreational purposes.

The development proposal for Lot 3 is more a strategy than a static, finished work. It is an exact landscape strategy to which structures and functions can be added, such as a horseback riding complex, a sports facility, parking lots, a camper area, and a small campground. The siting of functional cores was planned following the lay of the land, bolstering the ability to use the land without compromising its environmental value.

Design team: João Nunes, team leader (Proap, Lisbon) Luca Baroni (Insitu, Milan-Sorrento), Andrea Menegotto (Proap Italia, Treviso), Antonio Pagnotto (Salerno).