Al Rayyan, Salwa Resort

Landscape master plan of a new Resort in Al Rayyan – Qatar

The design divides the area’s structure and landscape into three concentric bands made up of the area of the houses, the park, and the “lagoon”. The three bands are connected internally by paths running lengthwise and to each other by paths running crosswise.

The design takes the dune, a land element that is typical of the surrounding desert landscape and uses it to develop the park’s landscape organization. The dunes are creases on the land through which the park’s landscapes and functions develop. They bound the cross paths and create small squares and gathering places in the shade of tents and trees. They hold functional elements and define the park’s areas.

The distribution of trees follows a centripetal progression along the landscape layout of houses leading to the park’s center and central water pool. It primarily follows cross paths. Trees, bushes of various types and blooms, flowers, and lawns elegantly make up the varied soft landscaping.

The central “lagoon” was designed for different uses in days and evenings, including a swimming pool, children’s pool, water slide, boat “strolls”, remote-controlled boat races, light effects, romantic drinks at the swim-up bar, fun dance club evenings, and much more.

The park includes many functions and equipped spaces, such as a disco stage, bar kiosk, a play area for children, teens, and adults, outdoor fitness areas, and water play areas.

A contemporary, intelligent lighting design makes the lagoon and park attractive after sunset as well.