Cape Cervo

Cape Cervo tourism project, Imperia – Italy

The opportunity here is to create an environmental-landscape system of high quality that can connect existing resources, improving them and enhancing their natural, landscape and usage aspects, from the sea to the hill. They can fit in perfectly with planned tourism projects. Nature and landscape projects, a system of paths up and downhill can be the backbone of the Capo’s new landscapes.

Olive grove park. Stretches of traditional agricultural landscape that slopes down terraces to reach the first developed areas. The rebuilding of traditional olive groves, the creation of an “olive grove-garden” in which to stop and admire the view of the sea from above, stroll, or read. “Mediterranean garden” landscaping on some of the terraces. The use of plant life will help the buildings fit into the landscape and foster the use of open spaces (terraces, gardens, streets). The places adopt “privacy” elements for the residential area and areas that are more scenic and human-built effects for the tourist area.

Music park. A large public park will stretch from the hill to the sea through the Cape. The park will connect a future walking/cycling path along the coastline to Via Aurelia and hill pedestrian paths towards Cervo, Capo Mimosa, and the Ciap√† park. The park could cover the abandoned terraces turning them into gardens / terraces overlooking the sea.¬† This large green space could become the new “Parco della Musica” (Music Park) of Cervo.

The Cape’s large green terraces open on the Ligurian Sea and a historic tower and walls define them. They could host outdoor music events in a breathtaking setting. Going up past the Aurelia, each terrace could be a new garden to discover, each view could be a new perspective on this splendid stretch of coastline.

With: Luca Dolmetta (urbanism and architecture)