Khalifa City

Public spaces’ landscape master plan in Khalifa City A – Abu Dhabi (UAE)


The public spaces’ master plan starts from a definite, unchangeable urban plan.

The design focuses on studying local environmental conditions in order to access possible uses of the spaces. The urban landscape was organized in relationship to combining vehicular traffic and the city’s pedestrian use.

A study made on the local climate served as a guideline for the design, including assessments of the air’s temperature and humidity and dominant winds. Design proposals were made to improve its microclimate with simple shading and direct evaporation cooling, and air-conditioning in some cases.

Along the main roadway, pedestrian spaces will have a green shading system to create a continuous shaded path without crossing busy roads. The vehicular  streets  will be taken underground at points.

A large garden square is partly shaded and partly covered and climate controlled. This will be the pivot point of the system and the core of the district.

With: Airis Srl, environmental consultant (Bologna)