Rimini’s Marina

Landscape design of the new tourist Rimini’s Marina – Italy

Rimini’s Marina is one of the Adriatic Sea’s most important and state-of-the-art marinas. It has 622 berths and an over 100,000 sq. m. body of water.
The Marina is entered from the sea through the former port canal. The dock’s body of water has 1,200 meters of floating docks as well as 1,300 meters of grounded quays. The structure has a raised walkway along the docks, a large square, a cafe, and a restaurant with a scenic terrace, and a large parking lot.
The landscape design started with an already determined layout. It sought to use plant life to define and enhance the Marina’s different areas.
For the trees, the design used ash and tamarix trees for the parking lot, and palm trees and pomegranate trees for the main entrance. It used linear and modular systems of shrubs and ground cover plants to highlight and mark different functions and docks.
The plant life was chosen not only for its ornamental traits and landscape enhancement (shape, texture, foliage color, flower and fruit colors; time of flowering and fruiting, height, and so on); it was also chosen for its level of adaptability and resistance to the area’s specific conditions due to being very close to the sea causing high salt concentration in the air and winds.