Milan, City Life

City Life Public Park, Milan – Italy

This project’s malleable expressiveness is not gratuitous, nor a mere whitewashing. It is rather a study of consistency and capacity for synthesis based on a pragmatic approach to the land, optimizing its resources, and adopting a simple mechanism. Its radial structure emerges from the space and context, and this form divides the entire project area. This horizontal spatial layering gives shape to different niches, visual areas that split and compartmentalize the space. As a result, they reveal themselves in specific points, pacing the space, dividing it, and giving it continuity. The layering is vertical, sectioned in the three levels of the urban foundation, the land’s modulations as a whole, and the tree foliage. The first level gives the land continuity, and the second level (the creasing of the land) introduces an element of distance, which serves as a scenic device. This and the third level add to the effect of visual unveiling. The horizontal layering, functional division, vertical layering (distributed on three levels), and lastly the creasing of the land’s shape, the vibration needed for life, all forge a new understanding of the spatial identity and turn it from a space into a place.

Design team: João Nunes, group leader (Proap, Lisbon), Luca Baroni (Insitu, Milan), Gonçalo Byrne (GB Arquitecos, Lisbon), Andrea Menegotto (Proap Italia, Treviso), Daniela d’Argenio (Insitu, Milan)


City Life Public Park in Milan, 2010
International design competition (by invitation)
City Life srl and Municipality of Milan
Second place