Monza, Royal Villa

Restoration and improvement of the Villa Reale / Gardens complex in Monza – Italy

The primary goals of this project were: restoring the relationships between the villa, the city of Monza, and the Milanese area; contextualizing the Villa Reale / Gardens complex belonging to the Park of Monza; and reconfiguring the access system to this complex. These interrelated objectives were the focus of the design on its urban and local levels.

The landscape design seeks to reconfigure the fixed focal point layout that makes the villa a monumental backdrop to the entranceway, recreating its unifying quality.

The avenue is almost completely pedestrian. A waterway flanked by rows of trees emphasizes the villa’s monumental feel.

For the gardens in front of the building, the design sought to restore Piermarini’s design, though in simplified and modernized form.

In the landscape park, studies of its plants and a comparison between its historical and current imagery aimed to restore the multiplicity of views and the complexity of the original design’s compositions.

Plans include recovering the formal, visual, and functional qualities of the original layout of the small woods with the north-south line as the basic link between the villa and Monza’s center, and Piermarini’s “trident”. A full-fledged city park with a contemporary design was planned following the original formal layout in a checkerboard compositional scheme of a high level of functional flexibility, which emphasizes the physical differences in the land in which elements are set in the volume and surface, including fields and multi-purpose “platforms”.

Design team: Carlo Aymonino, team leader (Venice, Rome); Luca Baroni, landscape design (Insitu, Milan); Base Engineering (Turin), Studio Pession Associato (Turin), Tetrastudio Architetti Associati (Turin), architecture and restoration; Sintecna Srl, structures (Turin); R. Lazzerini (Turin), E.L. Engineering Srl (Turin), plants; G. Gonnet, safety (Torino).

With: 3dSign (video and rendering)


International design competition for the Restoration and enhancement of the Villa Reale and the adjoining Gardens, Monza – Italy

International design competition (by invitation)

Municipality of Monza, Region of Lombardy

Seventh place