Center of Excellence for Furnishing, Neufchateu – France

The “Center of Excellence for Furnishing” is near a railway area, which means that its landscaping affects an urban outskirt seeking to give it a specific function in the historic fabric. The result is a continuous system of green areas and paths that connect areas of importance for the community.

The Center’s placement in the urban setting required a strong relationship with the historic complex of the Chapelle Saint-Esprit and the former hospital (to the west) and the historic city to the south and east. The Avenue de la 1ère Armée Française becomes the element through which the new project relates to the existing one. We worked on this line to integrate the new Pôle d’Ameublement fully with the city in urban planning, functional and landscape terms.

It is like a linear garden that will be an element of urban and landscape continuity between Neufchateu’s historic center and the former hospital complex. The new building will also be sited on this line. The linear garden opens here and becomes a square, and then after the building, it turns back into a garden by the old hospital serving as an urban park for the city.

The landscape project is completed with the landscaping of the Grandes Ecuries parking lot that will be physically and visually separated from the pedestrian system by a slight lowering of the parking lot level from the pedestrian paths, and by building a series of long, parallel hedges of varying heights to conceal the parked cars.

Those walking along the linear garden and looking towards the parking lot will see a succession of green areas that appear to follow on each other like ocean waves.

Design team: LDA, team leader (Paris), Luca Baroni (Insitu, Milan)

With: 3dSign (rendering)


Center of Excellence for Furnishing, Neufchateu – France
International design competition (by invitation)
Community of the Municipalities of the Province of Neufchateau
Second place