Public initiative detailed plan for Sector W in Sassuolo – Italy

The plan involves a residential development (21,000 sq.m.) and a tourist hotel (3,800 sq.m).

The Sector is crossed by a new urban street set in the general plan, whose landscape design includes filling in land to let the new park “invade” the urbanized area without interruption.

The new district has a radial layout. The building complex’s pivot point is a central square with a semi-circular design, featuring a large fountain.

Each residential building faces one side of a square (a place for gathering and playing) based on a tree-lined grid. Between each tree there may be two parking spaces, or there may be benches, bike racks, playground equipment, and open paved spaces for walking and playing. On the other side of the buildings there is a large landscaped swath of land.

Most of the area is covered by the public park (166,500 sq.m), organized around a large artificial lake that was already there. There are spaces facing the lake for strolling, playing, and outdoor entertainment events. The system of paths is quite complex and connects the park’s different sections. In their landscape and functions, they are separated into the following types: a rural courtyard, fruit orchard / vineyard, viewpoint, lakeside boardwalk, walkway under a pergola, “flowered canal”, wooded area, tree-covered areas, a lawn for outdoor games, outdoor performance area, and a bike path.

With: Carla Ferrari (planning and architecture), StudioDIM (rendering)