Taggia, Liguria

City Urban Planning of Taggia, Liguria – Italy
Landscape, ecological network, and natural systems

For the city of Taggia, the trajectory for developing its municipal plan has a clear, and very necessary, strategic significance, as it is an innovation in urban planning practices. This innovation was necessary because its infrastructural policies (displacement of coastal railway, new station, cycling path on its former line, Aurelia Bis) and its development policies (urban plan, New Provincial Hospital) all required the city to draw more than ever on the power of innovation.

The area of Taggia is also shaped and conditioned by complex environmental and landscape features. Along the course of the Argentina River, the landscape shifts from the mid Argentina Valley, with its extensive Mediterranean underbrush, to the densely built-up plain where spaces battle between urban and agricultural use, to sandy or rocky beaches on the coast, and then to the Ligurian Sea that it faces.
Befitting the landscape’s wealth of diversity, the plan seeks to contain the use of new land resources and protect and improve the rural landscape (considering its limited availability) and the landscape and production values that define it.

Planning team: CAIRE Urbanistica (Reggio Emilia), Luca Dolmetta Associati (Genoa)